Solarize Testimonials

2010 / 36 Panel Solar Array
ReKnew Energy Systems, Inc.

Jill Davies and Nigel Hollis moved into their home in Woodstock about five years ago. Before moving in they did a lot of work on the home because they wanted to maintain the streetscape but have a modern house with as many “green” features as [they] could to make a house that would last with low ongoing bills.

—Jill Davies & Nigel Hollis
2014 - 2015 / 5.46kW
Catamount Solar
Their workmanship and professionalism were first-rate. A very nice company. We were very pleased. Really a good choice.” “From the woman on the phone to the guys on the roof, everyone was fantastic to work with.
—Denise & Michael
2014 - 2015 / 4.2kW
Catamount Solar
Dee and I are very pleased with the performance of the solar array that was installed in February of 2015… In the previous two years, our electricity bill averaged $158 per month. It now averages $29 per month. This translates into a savings of approximately $1,500 per year. If this continues, in seven years we will have paid for the array in full. Go solar!
—Jack Anderson
2014 - 2015 / 7.61kW
Integrity Energy
I’m not sure what more to say than how happy we are with the campaign, the resulting pricing, the ease of installation and the great productivity we are now experiencing. We sized our system to meet our needs when we live here full time (not for a couple more years), so right now we are over-producing. But it appears our production is spot on for our projected use.
—Mike Russell
2014 - 2015 / 4.95kW
Catamount Solar
We are highly pleased with the solar panels. Our electric bill is definitely lower and one month it was as low as $30.00. Solarize had a very experienced and hard working crew. They stuck to the job even in the bitter cold of last winter. I would give them an A+. I am surprised that on a fully cloudy day I’m still producing solar electricity.
—Bill Sullivan
2014 - 2015 / 4.34kW
Catamount Solar
Our experience with Catamount Solar was very positive. Now that we have put the capital expense behind us we love getting our electricity bills. For three months we have owed no money and have been build credit towards those colder, grey months.
—Pamela Williams
2014 - 2015 / 5.4kW
Integrity Energy
We had a great experience.
—David Hill
2014 - 2015 / 4.4kW
Catamount Solar
…of course I am delighted with the system, and think the crew did an excellent job.
—Clover Durfee
2014 - 2015 / 8.25kW
Catamount Solar
They built this barn for their solar panels. It was just about the same price as having the panels on poles.
—Woodstock Resident

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