Energy Action & Transportation Group

The Sustainable Woodstock Energy Action and Transportation Group (SWEAT) is an action group of Sustainable Woodstock. Its mission is to promote eco-friendly transportation options, energy efficiency, conservation and the development and use of renewable energy sources among the Town’s residents, businesses, and municipal affairs. 

We meet monthly on the first Tuesday of the month at 6 PM, over zoom. Contact us at

We assist the town in addressing the goals laid out in: the Woodstock Town Plan, the Woodstock Enhanced Energy Plan, ​​the Town and Village of Woodstock Climate Emergency and Action Resolution, the Sierra Club “Ready for 100% commitment made by the Town, and the Vermont Global Warming Solutions Act (H. 688). These goals are accomplished through educational activities and programs, local advocacy, the collection and distribution of information and research materials, and the pursuit of funds to support our goals. 

Woodstock's Climate Commitments:

Since its inception in 2009 as a grassroots organization that arose out of concern for global warming, Sustainable Woodstock has been working with the Town, Village, citizens and partners to commit to climate action. These commitments include:

  • Ready for 100%: In 2017, then Municipal Manager Phil Swanson signed the Sierra Club’s Ready for 100% Clean Energy Pledge, joining over 220 town leaders throughout the U.S. that pledged to transition away from fossil fuels equitably and justly.
  • Town and Village of Woodstock Climate Emergency and Action Resolution: commits Woodstock to net zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2030

  • Woodstock’s Comprehensive Energy Plan: supports the goals of the State of Vermont’s Comprehensive Energy Plan, which calls for meeting 25% of the Town’s energy needs from renewable sources by 2025, 40% by 2035 and 90% by 2050; reducing total energy consumption per capita by 15% by 2025, and by more than one third by 2050; and, by 2025, sourcing renewable power for 10% of our transportation, 30% of our building energy use and 67% of our electric power
One of three new all-electric school buses, funded by an EPA grant written in partnership with Woodstock's Intermunicipal Energy Coordinator.


We are a member of the Vermont Energy and Climate Action Network. Some of our achievements include:

  • Creating the Intermunicipal Regional Energy Coordinator position to assist the towns of Strafford, Fairlee, Woodstock, Barnard, Sharon, and Thetford with achieving their energy plans, including the creation of Vermont’s first Regional Climate Action Plan
  • Hosting educational programs on numerous topics, including: heat pumps, electric vehicles, composting and recycling, weatherization, soil health, public transportation and more
  • Facilitating, in partnership with Rainbow Playschool, the creation of Woodstock’s (and Vermont’s) first Community Solar Array
  • Organizing the energy audits of the Woodstock Town Hall, Town Garage, Old Town Garage, Welcome Center, Wastewater Treatment Plant, West Woodstock Fire Station
  • Educating homeowners and businesses about all electric lawn care, and working to bring the first all-electric lawn care contractor to Woodstock. See our Landowner Fact Sheet and Leaf Blower Brochure to learn more about electric lawn care
  • Advocating for a contract with Energy Efficient Investments to perform energy upgrades and weatherization on six town buildings, reducing the Town’s carbon emissions by 12%
  • Supporting an energy audit and transition to the first net zero ice rink for the Union Arena Community Center
    Initiating energy upgrades on the Emergency Services (EMS) building to prepare for a net zero energy building
  • Hosting e-bikes as part of the Upper Valley E-Bike Lending Library through Vital Communities, a free opportunity for residents to “check out” an e-bike to see how one might fit into their lifestyle
  • Working with Change the World Kids and the fundraising team to plan, educate and advocate for the new Woodstock Middle and High School to become Vermont’s first net-zero school building


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