Recycle and Reuse

How to Recycle Almost Everything

Sustainable Woodstock urges everyone to recycle and compost as many materials as possible. This saves valuable landfill space and energy, and helps make the transition from a wasteful, consumer-oriented lifestyle to one that is more sustainably in balance with the ecological capacity of the planet.
The following documents provide comprehensive guidelines to help you recycle more easily and efficiently:

Vermont Universal Recycling Law (ACT 148)

Sustainable Woodstock helped to prepare homeowners and businesses for the implementation of Vermont’s universal recycling law, Act 148. Act 148 requires residents and businesses to improve recycling practices over time.

Learn more about updates and current requirements of Act 148.

Reuse: Even Better Than Recycling

What can be better than recycling? Use only what is needed, choose and value things made out of wood and other long-lasting natural materials that will endure through time, reuse things made out of plastic, metal and glass for other purposes and recycle the disposable materials that are still hard to avoid in today’s marketplace.
Instead of always buying “new,” seek out places that offer an array of quality second-hand goods that have plenty of use left in them. In outlets, one can often purchase high-quality second-hand goods and antiques that are much less expensive and will last far longer than new mass-produced items.
Local and regional resale outlets include:

Bridgewater Thrift Store

Located in Bridgewater, VT

Encore Designer Consignment

Located in Woodstock, VT

Listen Thrift Store

Located in White River Junction, VT / Lebanon, NH / Canaan, NH


Located in White River Junction, VT

The COVER Store

Located in White River Junction, VT

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