Window Dressers Community Build

North Universalist Chapel Society 7 Church Street, Woodstock, Vermont

This fall Sustainable Woodstock will make free insulating window inserts for community members, and you are invited to join us! No experience is needed to volunteer, and you will be thanked with snacks and lots of community good-will, much like an old-fashioned barn raising. If you are interested in volunteering at our Window Dressers build, […]

Microplastic Madness Film Screening

Fifth graders in Red Hook, Brooklyn - living on the frontline of the climate crisis – dive deep into the root causes of plastic pollution.

Green Drinks: Stream Debris – A Delicate Dance for Ecosystem Health

Join us for a presentation and discussion with Marie Caduto of the Vermont Agency of Natural Resources about stream debris! We'll learn when to remove it, when to leave it be, and when it would be best to add more to keep our stream ecosystems healthy and thriving.

Green Drinks: Moving Heat – Geothermal and Thermal Energy Network Solutions

Geothermal energy often evokes hot rocks and geysers, but also refers to one of the cleanest ways to cut emissions from buildings, provide resilient infrastructure, and even shave electric peaks. Beginning with the basics and benefits of shallow geothermal heating and cooling, this presentation describes the opportunity to use the heat we already have—e.g. from large buildings, refrigeration, and wastewater—to decarbonize buildings.

First We Eat Film Screening

Filmmaker Suzanne Crocker, living just 300 km from the Arctic Circle, removes absolutely all grocery store food from her house.

Green Drinks: WUHSMS New School Building

Join us to learn all about the proposed net-zero WUHSMS building! We'll have a presentation followed by plenty of time for questions about the school design and systems.

Radioactive Film Screening

At the prompting of an ecofeminism professor turned visual journalist, the four original “concerned” mothers, a two-woman legal team and a reporter, now all much older, wiser, and bolder, break open years of corporate silencing and nuclear industry doublespeak, and tell their stories about the Three Mile Island nuclear power plant accident, the worst commercial nuclear reactor meltdown in U.S. history.

River Film Screening

An exploration of the timeless relationship between human civilization and Earth’s rivers. Spanning six continents, this visual and musical tour-de-force is by turns celebratory, cautionary, and ultimately hopeful that we are beginning to understand rivers in all their complexity and fragility.

Inundation District Film Screening and Q&A with David Abel

In a time of rising seas and intensifying storms, one of the world’s wealthiest, most-educated cities made a fateful decision to spend billions of dollars erecting a new district along its coast — on landfill, at sea level.

Earth Day EV Expo

The Upper Valley's Earth Day EV Expo brings electric vehicle drivers together to answer all your questions about shifting to electric drive. Which EV or e-bike is right for you? What financial incentives are available to reduce the price? Where and how do you charge it? How much money can you save by driving electric, and how […]