Bridgewater Community Childcare Will Open June 1, 2022 and is Now Hiring!

By Kristiana Birmingham

Since 2018, Sustainable Woodstock has been  helping the Bridgewater community to save the historic Bridgewater Schoolhouse and transform it into a resilient and sustainable community center and a vibrant childcare facility. Following four years of hard work by the Bridgewater community and the Board and staff of the Bridgewater Area Community Foundation—all in conjunction with a successful capital campaign supported by many incredibly generous donors—the Bridgewater Community Childcare (BCC) will open its doors on June 1, 2022! After a very difficult uphill battle with Covid-19 restrictions and pressures, along with losing the Bridgewater Area Community Foundation’s founding member, Hank Smith, the childcare is now well underway and excited to open its doors to the community.

Bridgewater Community Childcare is an anchor program of the Bridgewater Area Community Center, a place where people of all ages can engage in enriching activities, presenting a variety of opportunities to connect the childcare’s children and their families to the community. 

The newly-completed Bridgewater Community Childcare (Photo: Kristiana Birmingham)

The Bridgewater Area Community Center is entering phase two of its three-phase construction plan. Phase one construction and updates are now finished, focused on the center’s 1991 addition at the rear of the building where the BCC is located. The childcare has recently obtained its occupancy certificate from the State of Vermont and is working hand in hand with the Child Development Division of the Vermont Department for Children and Families to complete the licensing process.

Bridgewater Community Childcare has also hired Program Director, Kristiana (Ploss) Birmingham of Woodstock, VT. Kristiana comes to BCC with a background in early childhood education, afterschool programing and educational direction. Kristiana’s personal philosophy of early childhood education has been seen throughout our greater community and our board is thrilled to have her as our founding director! Additionally, the childcare is looking to hire three Early Childhood Education lead teachers. (See information on how to apply, below.)

Guided by the principles of A Framework for Wise Education by Ellen Tadd, Bridgewater Community Childcare takes a lab-site approach to implementing a holistic view that supports children, families and staff. BCC is dedicated to creating opportunities that inspire young children to explore, learn and develop new skills and individual potential in thoughtfully organized and caring environments, both indoors and out. This program operates in accordance with state licensing regulations for center-based child care and preschool programs.

BCC’s vision is to support the Bridgewater area community by providing an affordable, high-quality learning and caring environment for young children. Our holistic approach considers the wellbeing of the whole child and family in a comprehensive, practical system that includes the ongoing development of staff and programming. The BCC’s mission is to nurture the development of children, families and teachers—allowing curiosity, creativity, enriching experiences, exploration of the natural world and an interest in learning to let them flourish and thrive mentally, physically and emotionally, while enhancing their own self-discovery and exploration of the world around them. 

How to Apply:

If you are interested in learning more about the Bridgewater Community Childcare, enrolling your child, or applying for an open position, please visit our website  or reach out directly to Kristiana at


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