Sustainability News, Simplified

By Elle O’Casey

Some days, it feels great to live in the information age. Google is only a click away, ready to answer any and all of our questions. Yet, there are other days when living in the information feels entirely too overwhelming. The emails never stop, the news sites are constantly refreshing their content, and your friends seem to post every detail of their life online. With all the information ‘noise’, it can be hard to come away with any real content.

In this day and age of information overload, it’s good to have a few regular sources of sustainability news you can rely on. In an effort to make good information a little easier to locate and digest, here are some sustainability websites and blogs that serve up helpful sustainability news.

Start local:
Sustainable Woodstock
Visit our website to stay up to date with upcoming events and volunteer opportunities, read previous columns featured in the Vermont Standard, learn more about our action groups, and follow us on social media.

VTDigger offers a compilation of statewide news looking at local environmental issues such as water quality, climate change, environmental policy, and toxic waste.

Go National:
Washington Post’s Energy & Environment
The Washington Post’s Energy and Environment section covers everything from climate change to energy conservation at home. This site has never been more pertinent as it provides up-to-the-minute updates regarding policy changes going on in Washington.

For the community activists:
This website works to develop community resilience for challenges facing our world including resource depletion, climate change, biodiversity loss, and social and economic issues associated with these complex issues. The site features news pieces, publications, videos, and posts by guest authors.

Orion Magazine has been around since the mid-1980s and now hosts a website. Orion works to inspire greater personal responsibility and connections to nature and our environment. Orion’s mission is to “inform, inspire, and engage individuals and grassroots organizations in becoming a significant cultural force for healing nature and community.”

YES! Magazine
This site matches community organizing with the social, environmental, and economic needs of our time. By exploring topics like peace and justice, building a new economy, healing our planet, and leveraging community action, the site offers both offers tools for citizen engagement and stories about people working for a better world.

For social media lovers:
If you haven’t already joined the Reddit revolution, check out this stream. Reddit content is crowdsourced and rated its users based on interest so the most popular articles move to the top of your feed. This “subreddit” on the environment is a great place to see an assortment of news from a variety of sources. The site also hosts user-led discussions about content.

For the design nerds:
Started in New York City, this weblog looks at the future of design by exploring innovation in technology, materials, home design, and architecture. All content focuses on advancing smarter, more sustainable design practices.

For the green thumb:
Rodale’s Organic Life
This site is billed as the “online handbook for living naturally in the modern world.” It offers articles on gardening, wellness, eco travel, and tips for cooking to eat more sustainably.

For the business person:
Wall Street Journal Energy Blog
Stay on the cutting edge of energy issues and new energy technologies by following this blog. Recent posts have explored renewable energy, environmental impacts of driverless cars, and reducing oil imports.

This site finds the intersection of business, technology, and sustainability. The website features a range of environmental topics, networking opportunities, and resources, bringing businesses together to identify more sustainable ways of operating.

Do Just One Thing: Find a new site to motivate and inform you to live a bit more sustainability this season.

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