Sustainability is Everyone’s Concern– Join Us!

The mission of Sustainable Woodstock is to build a strong, resilient community that can adapt to a changing economy, changing weather patterns, and other looming challenges, and still thrive. We work toward this goal by forging partnerships with other nonprofit organizations and involving community members through educational and celebrational activities. Ultimately, we cannot succeed without you—every reader of this column and your friends and neighbors.

Sustainability should be everyone’s concern. It is not a political agenda, and we are not seeking coercive policies or higher taxes. Our work is to encourage every resident of our region to think about how we use resources and energy, how efficiently we heat our homes and dispose of wastes, how we get around and how far from home we go to buy food and other necessities.

Our personal choices and local options are tied to massive global trends, from rising carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere to the rise of  e-commerce, from outsourcing of jobs by multinational corporations to the extreme and environmentally hazardous measures, like fracking and tar sands extraction, that are increasingly being used to fuel our habits of consumption. We can’t reverse these trends on our own, but we can learn how our own lifestyle choices contribute to them, and how we can make more ecologically sensible choices.

Sustainable Woodstock is working to support a more locally focused, less energy intensive economy, one that is rooted in our own land and resources; our community gardens project is one example of that, our support for local economic development is another. We are helping homeowners find and fix energy leaks in their homes. We are working to divert tons of recyclable wastes from landfills. We are helping to  develop the long-neglected East End as a community park and a stimulus for commercial development. We produce this column, online materials, and a film series to educate the public about the meaning of “sustainability” and the issues involved.

We need your participation, and we need your help. Sustainable Woodstock is not funded through taxes, but through voluntary donations. We have recently mailed out a fundraising appeal to the community and we ask you to contribute whatever you can, to show your support for what we’re doing and to make it possible to continue.  If you have not received this letter, please send a contribution to us at P.O. Box 611, Woodstock, VT 05091.  Any of us on the board, or our executive director Sally Miller, will be happy to talk with you about what we’re doing.  Call us at 457-2911.

Maybe you can’t spare dollars right now. How about a little of your time? We always need volunteers to help us at events (such as the Naked Table luncheon next month) and help us reach out into the community. If you haven’t given much thought to working with Sustainable Woodstock before, please consider getting involved now. Again, call our office at 457-2911 or email to find out how you can get involved with our efforts to help our community thrive over the long haul.

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