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As I’ve written here before, Sustainable Woodstock is not a self-appointed group of activists but an expression of this community’s desire to achieve long term environmental and economic resilience. Our work is intended to be guided by, and responsive to, the concerns and goals of area residents.

We can only be guided and responsive, though, if the public takes an interest in our work and makes its preferences and priorities known. Our success depends on the support and involvement of the full range of members of this community. If you own a home, farm or business in Woodstock or surrounding towns, or hold a job or go to school here, or are even just trying to make ends meet, you have a stake in this community’s future and our mission is to help you shape that future.

There are various ways for you to stay informed about and connected to our work. We hope that everyone in our area will make use of at least one of these opportunities.

1. Sign up for our monthly email newsletter. Our Executive Director, Sally Miller, prepares an interesting, informative and concise summary of our activities as well as other relevant events and initiatives. Contact her at 457-2911 or and ask to be added to the mailing list.

2. Explore this website. We are continually posting helpful resources, such as tips about recycling and energy savings, a local food guide and list of regional and national organizations doing important work, and strategies for dealing with climate change.  We list volunteer opportunities and upcoming community events.

3. If you use social media, take a look at our Facebook page and connect with the interesting folks you’ll find there. “Like” our page and help us reach even more friends.

4. Come to some of the community events that we sponsor or those in which we participate. Next Monday, for example, we are hosting a forum on home energy savings that will feature local and state experts (see the article elsewhere in this week’s Vermont Standard). During Bookstock, on July 25, we will host a reception for two authors where you’ll have a chance to hear more about their work and talk with them directly. We also hold monthly “Green Drinks” events that provide relaxed, friendly settings for talking about sustainability issues.

5. Call or email our office, or contact me directly (I’m the board chair) at or (802) 310-2169, and we’ll be very glad to tell you about what we’re doing, answer your questions or listen to your ideas.

6. Volunteer for one of our projects or consider joining our board. Whether you live in Woodstock, Reading, Pomfret, Bridgewater or Barnard, you can make a difference in the larger community. Join with us!

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