Report on the Flood Relief Fund


The Woodstock VT Area Flood Relief Fund

Serving Barnard, Bridgewater, Killington, Pomfret, Reading and Woodstock


Purpose of the fund:  This fund provides assistance to residents of the greater Woodstock area who need help re-establishing their lives due to losses related to Hurricane Irene. The fund is a collaborative effort of community individuals and organizations. It is administered by Sustainable Woodstock, a 501c.3 not-for-profit corporation.


The Woodstock VT Area Flood Relief Fund raised over $425,000 from more than 700 individuals, businesses and organizations.

  • We had donations from four countries and 28 states including donations from Woodstock IL and Woodstock WA
  • Our community Goodnight Irene concert featuring local artists raised over $20,000
  • An I LoVermont, NYC benefit organized by Woodstock area young adults raised $8,000
  • The Ottauquechee Health Foundation made a major grant of $28,000 to cover health related needs


We had three phases of grant awards.

In Phase 1 we met emergency needs of food, temporary shelter and health.

  • We awarded grants of up to $1,000 in the first month following Irene
  • 97 grants were made, serving more than 225 individuals
  • Over $52,000 was dispersed

In Phase 2 we awarded additional funds for longer term needs.

  • These funds met gap needs to keep area families in their homes and the community
  • We addressed issues critical to getting through the winter including insulation, furnaces, reasonable access, replacement of household items and utilities
  • Grants of up to $5,000 were made
  • Phase 2 had 85 applications, more than 200 individuals served with many different from Phase 1
  • $307,000 was awarded in Phase 2

In Phase 3 we awarded additional funds to the households who were hardest hit.

  • Additional grants of $5,000 were made to families who were re-building and we continue to find additional resources for them
  • With our assistance 13 households received $129,000 from the Vermont Disaster Relief Fund

Our awards were distributed throughout the six-town area we were covering.

  • We helped 73 families in Woodstock, including 30 at Riverside Mobile Home Park
  • In Bridgewater 32 families received awards, 4 in Killington, 2 each in Barnard and Pomfret, and 5 in Reading.


The Relief Fund relied on the help of our community for volunteer caseworkers and administrative support, and we established strong regional connections.

  • Our four volunteer caseworkers reviewed more than 200 applications and made a personal contact with every applicant
  • We were an active member of Upper Valley Strong and continue to work with SEVCA to provide assistance for households that still have unmet needs
  • We worked closely with the Woodstock Irene team to assure that all flood victims were contacted and supported
  • Sustainable Woodstock donated their office and staff so we were able to keep administrative expenses to less than 1% of funds raised


We thank our communities. This would not have been possible without your support.

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