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Concerned about COVID-19 pandemic? Unsure who to call if you have questions? Woodstock’s Emergency Operations Committee has a plan for keeping you and your family safe and informed.   Information is regularly updated from the State and posted here on the Town of Woodstock's website. All posts are approved by David Green, the Town’s Emergency Manager.


What are the Governor’s rules for Vermonters?

On Wednesday, May 6, 2020 Vermont Governor Phil Scott amended the state’s March 13 “stay home/stay safe” order, announcing that Vermonters can participate in some outdoor recreation and limited social interactions under strict health and safety precautions. The Governor’s order, Addendum 13, includes additional health and safety guidelines for these interactions, including following safety and hygiene protocols, limiting non-essential travel, and protecting those in at-risk categories, who should continue to stay home. Click here to read the complete addendum, which addresses outdoor recreation and protocols for individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations and all entities which support or offer outdoor recreation and outdoor fitness activities that require low or no direct physical contact. (Click here to read the original March 13, 2020 Declaration: State of Emergency to Implement New COVID-19 Community Mitigation Measures.)

While the Stay Home/Stay Safe order remains in effect, the Governor’s latest order allows for certain social activities if Vermonters follow outlined safety measures:

Gatherings of 10 or fewer. Vermonters may now leave home for outdoor recreation and fitness activities with low or no direct physical contact and to resume limited social interactions and gatherings of 10 or fewer, preferably in outdoor settings that allow for greater physical distancing and protocols for hygiene consistent with this guidance from the Vermont Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), are observed. To keep disease from spreading this means:

• Prioritizing the protection of those at higher risk for severe illness.

• Continuing to limit non-essential travel; all travel should be limited to Vermont to the extent possible and when you do travel, limit non-essential stops. Anyone who leaves Vermont for more than one day for non-essential travel is required to quarantine at home for 14-days upon their return.

• Always staying home and away from others if you are sick with COVID-19, have recently been exposed to someone who has COVID-19, or just don’t feel well.

• Keeping a 6-foot distance from others when you meet people outside of your household.

• Frequently washing your hands (hand sanitizer is acceptable when soap and water are not available).

• Coughing and sneezing into your elbow (even if you are wearing a facial covering).

• Wearing a facial covering over your nose and mouth.

• Inter-household socializing. Members of one household may gather – and allow children to play – with members of another trusted household, provided health and safety precautions are followed as much as possible.

Health Commissioner Mark Levine, MD suggests Vermonters consider keeping a contact journal – a list of other people who you have been in close contact with each day. If you did get sick, this would make it easier to get in touch with those people and so they can take proper precautions to prevent further spread of COVID-19.

Additional Resources


      Centers for Disease Control and Prevention site on COVID-19

      Vermont Department of Health

      University of Vermont Health Network

      Call 211 with any questions you have



How is the town operating during this crisis?

Woodstock Town Hall is limiting access to the public to protect the health and well being of employees and citizens. Our Town employees are working and are available to assist you.

How do I connect with the different Town Departments?

You can call 802-457-3456 or use the phone in the lobby to connect you to the resource you wish to contact. Or you can send an email to the appropriate department; addresses can be found at townofwoodstock.org.

How can I contact the Woodstock Listers?

The Listers are now working remotely. If you need to get in touch with the listers for Property Record Cards, Itemized Cost Reports and/or Tax Maps you can  visit the web page: https://townofwoodstock.org/departments/town-listers or call  802-457-3607 or email woodstocklisters@townofwoodstock.org    

And a special request from the Sewer Department

Please don’t flush paper towels, baby wipes or other wipes down the toilet. These items can clog the Town’s sewer system and then we’ll have another emergency to live with!

What if I don’t have food or necessary supplies to self-isolate?

Woodstock Emergency Management is here to help support you and your family if you need to self-isolate.

To request assistance, call 802-457-7516. This line is answered 24.7 and a responder will get back to you as soon as possible.

What assistance is available to me if I need to self-isolate?

Woodstock Emergency Management will arrange for you to receive:

      Food and water supplies

      Necessary medications

      Financial assistance, if required

How will Woodstock Emergency Management get groceries and medications delivered to me?

When you speak with the emergency responder we will discuss your needs and will assign your request to a volunteer (see below if you wish to volunteer). A volunteer will purchase your items at Macs, or the pharmacy that fills your prescriptions, and deliver them to your front door.

Additionally, the Woodstock Farmers Market is now accepting web-based orders for curb-side pickup. Visit https://woodstockfarmersmarket.com/ to place an order. Orders placed between 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM will be available for next-day pickup. A volunteer will pick them up for you.

How do I sign up to volunteer?

Woodstock Emergency Management is seeking your help should the need arise. The Town now has a group email for volunteers. Should you wish to offer your services please email Volunteer@townofwoodstock.org and include the following information:

      Your name

      Your phone number

      The neighborhood you live in

      Offer of service (driving , donations for food, shopping or special service you may be able to offer. )

As the needs arise you may be contacted individually or via an email blast with a request.

What can I do to help my neighbors?

Woodstock is a caring community, and many of you are eager to help your neighbors. It’s a good idea to call them every day, especially if they are elderly and live alone. A friendly voice will go a long way in relieving their isolation. Moreover, your daily check ins will help Woodstock Emergency Services ensure they are safe and sound. If you notice a change in their behavior, or they don’t answer their phone or return your calls, call the police department 802-457-1420.

How can I shop safely in Woodstock during the coronavirus health emergency?

Visit here for a list of stores selling food and merchandise, as well restaurants—including hours, services and contacts. Many businesses offer the option of shopping online and over the phone, with home delivery available.


Grow Your Own Garden

Photo: Sharon Pittaway/Unsplash

• Do you wish you had more fresh, nutritious vegetables?

• Would you love to create your own vegetable garden?

• Not sure what you need to get started?

• Wonder how you will pay for tools, plants and seeds?

The GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN project is offering FREE gardening starter kits to local individuals and families. Each kit includes a complete set of gardening tools, seeds, starter plants and a how-to book on gardening.

• Gardening kits are designed for those who want to begin gardening in order to supplement their household food supply, and who would not otherwise be able to afford purchasing the tools, seeds and plants required to establish a garden. Requests will be processed in the order received. (All applications are confidential.)

• The GROW YOUR OWN GARDEN project is open to residents in the towns served by the Windsor Central Supervisory Union (Barnard, Bridgewater, Killington, Pomfret, Plymouth, Reading and Woodstock).

Click HERE to apply.

In response to the immediate need for food experienced by many individuals and families as a result of school closings and economic disruptions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Sustainable Woodstock is working with regional food shelves, other area non-profits and the Vermont Food Bank to assist with food provisions during these challenging times. We sincerely hope that those who choose to grow their own garden will find joy, sustenance and fulfillment in the creative act of gardening.

Our sincere thanks to these generous sponsors:  

James & Karli Hagedorn, Geoffrey Nichols, Howard Krum

Program partners & supporters include:  

Woodstock Community Food Shelf

 Sherburne Farms

West Lebanon Feed & Supply

High Mowing Organic Seeds

Yankee Bookshop


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