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Vital Communities’ Upper Valley E-bike Lending Library Coming to Woodstock

Vital Communities’ Upper Valley E-bike Lending Library Coming to Woodstock

Dates: Friday September 2nd, Saturday September 3rd, Sunday September 4th

Location: Norman Williams Public Library

Registration:  visit https://webreserv.com/vitalcommunities to register

"Would an e-bike make your life easier? Find out for free!

Vital Communities’ Upper Valley E-bike Lending Library will be in Woodstock from Friday September 2nd to Sunday September 4th. Borrowers will be able to check out an e-bike from the Norman Williams Public Library to find out how these bikes can replace car trips and transform their daily transportation needs.

The fleet includes a variety of bikes at different price points, including a cargo bike with a rear rack and several standard bikes, all with an electric assist that helps riders get around with less effort and scale hills that previously seemed impossible.

E-bikes are a transportation option that is becoming more familiar and necessary, and the goal of this program is to introduce Vermonters to how they can be incorporated into everyday life and replace car trips. From commuting to work to picking up groceries and carrying kids to school, e-bikes provide an extra boost of power that makes miles feel shorter and cargo feel lighter.

To reserve an e-bike head to: https://vitalcommunities.org/transportation/upper-valley-e-bike-lending-library/

Contact Sustainable Woodstock with any questions at programs@sustainablewoodstock.org

Green Drinks–A Homeowner's Guide to Long-Range Energy Planning

Green Drinks–A Homeowner's Guide to Long-Range Energy Planning


Thursday September 15, 5:30 PM

Location: virtual

Register here

Join Rob Anderegg to learn how he has taken action to reduce his home's carbon footprint! By thinking about our energy use in a similar way to how we set a budget for our money, we can begin to make a long-range plan for reducing our fossil fuel use. The key steps include keeping track of where we are using energy and then looking for ways to reduce that use or shift to cleaner sources of energy. A data-driven approach lets us prioritize what things to do first. No matter where you are on the spectrum of fossil fuel independence, this approach can help you identify and take actions to reduce your carbon footprint.

The Condor and the Eagle Film Screening

The Condor and the Eagle Film Screening

Tuesday August 16th-Tuesday August 30th (open for two weeks)

Location: virtual

Reserve your Free spot here

Never-before-seen images expose the global rise of land and water protectors across the Americas. Amidst of the burning of the Amazon, the mega-fires in Australia, and the global climate strikes, this award-winning documentary documents the ongoing collective climate awakening and the imperative of urgent change. Facing this overwhelming current political climate, a great many people are looking for answers that are adapted to today’s urgency. As world climate scientists predict unprecedented global catastrophe, “The Condor & The Eagle” features Indigenous women leaders deploying unparalleled global response.

Free and open to all. Donations are welcome and go to support our local arts community. Make donations at https://pentanglearts.org/get-involved/donations/

Hosted by Sustainable Woodstock and Pentangle Arts. Made possible by our underwriters VERMONT COMMUNITY FOUNDATION and MASCOMA BANK and sponsors Ellaway Group, The Unicorn, Yankee Bookshop, and Mark Knott DDS.

Why Renewable Energy Makes More Sense Than Fracking

By Zachariah Ralph, Sustainable Woodstock staff member Vermont is the only state to have put a ban on horizontal hydraulic fracturing, or hydro-fracking, in the United States. The drilling and...

18th Aug 2014

Caring for Neighbors in Need Builds Community Resilience

In our work to address the environmental and economic challenges facing us, sustainability activists embrace the principle that we’re all in this together. If we are to build a more...

28th Jul 2014

Sustainability Means Conserving Nature’s Valuable Gifts

It’s a curious thing that concern for the natural environment has become associated with  “liberal” and even “left wing” politics. Environmentalism grew out of the conservation movement—an effort to conserve...