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Michael Caduto brings nearly 30 years of experience as an environmental advocate, educator and writer, as well as a strong background in nonprofit leadership. He has devoted his life to bringing people closer to the natural world and helping others better understand the role that we all play in its stewardship. His books include the Keepers of the Earth series (co-author); Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun and Through a Naturalist’s Eyes.

Michael can be reached by email director@sustainablewoodstock.org.


Program Coordinator

Jenevra Wetmore (they/them, she her) is originally from a small farm in Hartland and has just completed her Masters of Environmental Law and Policy at Vermont Law School. Prior to this she was Assistant Coordinator of the Missisquoi River Basin Association, a nonprofit focused on improving water quality in Vermont’s Missisquoi watershed. During this time she conceived of and managed grants, including an outreach grant focused on telling farmer and landowner stories about successful riparian buffer plantings. Additionally, she recently completed a grant for the White River Conservation District to fund wetland restoration on agricultural land, and has worked as a historical interpreter for the Billings Farm & Museum. Jenevra is interested in helping communities sustainably interact with the natural world around them, providing assistance to those with fewer resources to do so. Jenevra can be reached by email: programs@sustainablewoodstock.org


Community Garden Coordinator

Linda Galvao works to create environments that nurture life, growth and community. She’s taught environmental education to kids, cared for elders through end-of-life, interned in Horticultural Therapy at the Chicago Botanic Gardens and designed and created many gardens. Several gardens created as part of Memory Care Units—where nursing home residents could feel human again—were favorites. Others created as empowering places of wonder with kids or with people with various disabilities also hold a special place in her heart.

Learning from the land and leaving it better than we found it is a strong part of Linda’s philosophy—Incorporating permaculture principles, maximizing biodiversity, keeping the ground covered with plants and/or organic mulch, incorporating features that draw wildlife and beneficial insects—are all part of her strategies for creating gardens more connected with the surrounding habitat. Linda can be reached by email: gardener@sustainablewoodstock.org


Editorial Coordinator

Amanda Kuhnert is a writer and editor with a lifelong love of the outdoors. She joined the board of Sustainable Woodstock in April 2018. Through her work as editor of Sustainable Woodstock’s weekly column in the Vermont Standard, she hopes to bring greater awareness to the role we each play in protecting and preserving our natural world.

Amanda can be reached by email: amandakuhnert@gmail.com




Board of Trustees

Sustainable Woodstock is led by a board of trustees consisting of members of the greater Woodstock community. Trustees are elected to serve a three-year term and may be re-elected for an additional term of service.  Our current board (2020) includes Andrew McLaughlin (Chair), Amanda Kuhnert (Vice Chair), Geoff Martin (Secretary), John Endicott (Treasurer), Pieter Bohen, Juan Florin, Sarah Mills, Brian Smolensky and Teo Zagar. Liaisons at Marsh-Billings-Rockefeller National Historical Park: Rick Kendall, Christina Marts


Advisory Board

Former trustees and other supportive community members serve in an advisory capacity. Currently, the advisory board includes Barbara Barry, Chris Bartlett, Alison Clarkson, Jill Davies, Anne Dean, Denise Lyons, Anne Macksoud, Kat Robbins and Joby Thompson.

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