How to Recycle Almost Everything

Sustainable Woodstock’s volunteers work to improve recycling practices in our community. We helped to prepare homeowners and businesses for the implementation of Vermont’s universal recycling law, Act 148.
Sustainable Woodstock helped develop a recycling policy for community events, facilitated the installation of recycling bins throughout the Village, and conducts an annual electronics recycling and secure paper-shredding/recycling event for Woodstock and the surrounding towns.

Each year we hold an electronics recycling drop-off event at Union Arena. In 2021 we collected some 9,000 pounds of discarded computers, televisions, batteries, lightbulbs and other electronic components from area homeowners and businesses. We also shredded 2 1/2 tons of sensitive documents.


Compostable items from Road to the Pogue

Sustainable Woodstock urges everyone to recycle and compost as many materials as possible. This saves valuable landfill space and energy, and helps make the transition from a wasteful, consumer-oriented lifestyle to one that is more sustainably in balance with the ecological capacity of the planet.

Besides, Vermont’s Universal Recycling Law, Act 148, requires residents and businesses to improve recycling practices over time. Click here to learn about updates and current requirements of Act 148.

The following documents provide comprehensive guidelines to help you recycle more easily and efficiently. Click on each link to open these informative guides.


Why Recycling is Important

Act 148 Summary

Act 148 Implementation Timeline

Woodstock Area Waste Haulers

Woodstock Odd Materials Recycling

Materials Prohibited in Landfills

Saving Food Scraps for Local Farms

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