Improve Energy Efficiency

Sustainable Woodstock’s 2021 Home Weatherization Guide:


For videos showcasing weatherization tips and tricks, visit


How to install plastic window shrink kits:

Caulking and Weatherstripping:

Door Seals:

Weatherstripping Doors:

Air Sealing with Caulk:

Pipe and Hot Water Heater Insulation:

Easy Basement Insulation:

Hywinds Farm,  A Model Efficient Home in Barnard

hywinds farm 1 hywinds farm 3 hywinds farm

Since 2010, Janet and Stephen Andersen have done all they can to make their farm in Barnard carbon neutral. They have done it all; from installing solar, to weatherizing their home, to changing their lifestyles and they have been meticulously tracking their energy usage. Follow the link below to learn more about what steps they have taken.

HyWynds Farm Sustainability

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