Our Last Remaining Founders Retire From the Board

Sustainable Woodstock was organized six years ago after a community workshop called Our Green Villages determined that a permanent citizens’ group should be established to hold the focus for local sustainability efforts. A board of trustees was set up, and members could serve up to two terms of three years each. The last of our original board members have just completed their terms.

We are profoundly grateful for the six years of service these citizens gave to the community, and we want to recognize them publicly. The four retiring original trustees are Barbara Barry and Jill Davies, who were co-chairs of the board for two years, Alison Clarkson, and Joby Thompson. Thanks to their dedication and vision, Sustainable Woodstock has grown into a mature, effective nonprofit with a steady focus on its founding mission.

All four of these leaders will join previously retired trustees on our advisory board, and in that role they intend to continue supporting Sustainable Woodstock’s work. Their wise counsel will be especially helpful as we navigate this transitional time for our organization.

There will be six new board members in 2016, almost half of the governing body. For the first time, no one on the board will have been involved since the beginning. This is an important milestone in the life of any organization, and as the current board chair, it is my goal to weave the new ideas and energy of new members with the founding vision and purpose as seamlessly as possible.

Fortunately, our Executive Director, Sally Miller, has also been with Sustainable Woodstock since we launched, and she will continue in that role, providing an experienced, steady hand at the helm.

I would also like to acknowledge Pieter Bohen, who was on the board the past three years, serving as secretary in 2015. He is leaving to concentrate on his full time nonprofit job with the Farm and Wilderness Foundation, but we hope he will continue to share his expertise on our advisory board.

Community members can participate in Sustainable Woodstock’s efforts even without making a commitment to serving on the board. Our action groups are open to all, and we encourage you to get involved. Consider joining the energy action group, the East End project, or new groups we’re launching in 2016 to address transportation and local food systems. Contact our office at 457-2911 or email me at rmiller9@sover.net and let’s talk about your interests and how you can help.

And even if that’s more than you can commit to doing right now, please look around our website, or our Facebook page, to learn more about sustainability issues and the work we’re doing. Plan to attend our events in the coming year, which will include films and other educational programs, our monthly Green Drinks gatherings, our annual meeting celebrating Earth Day in April, and many others.

Most importantly, find out what you can do in your home and everyday activities to contribute to a more resilient community and a more sustainable world.

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