Last Chance for Weatherize Woodstock Pomfret Bridgewater

By Sally Miller

Brent Mellen from Building Energy meets with Pomfret homeowner Vern Clifford during his home energy visit.

Brent Mellen from Building Energy meets with Pomfret homeowner Vern Clifford during his home energy visit.

There has been a lot of excitement in the community about Weatherize Upper Valley. The extreme cold temperatures this winter have really motivated people to explore ways to make their homes more energy efficient. The simple sign up and the free energy walk through with a professional has made the whole process smooth and easy for home owners.
Zach Ralph, local Weatherize coordinator, reports that Vern Clifford had a visit from Brent Mellen of Building Energy last week. Like many Vermonters Vern Lives in an old 1800’s farmhouse, and he himself has done lots over the years to tighten up his home. The free visit from Brent was able to help him identify areas that he had overlooked that a professional was able to spot right away and be able to remedy, such as a mineral build-up on the interior of a basement wall which was a sign of water vapor seeping through the cement.

So what does it mean to “Weatherize” your home? Most home weatherization projects focus on air sealing and insulation, two cost effective ways to increase comfort and reduce energy costs. Weatherization can also help resolve issues such as ice dams, mold, air quality, moisture, and drafts. Every home is different, so cost, savings and benefits can vary. According to Efficiency Vermont, an average weatherization projects might cost $7,800, earn a $1,500 rebate, and result in 26% energy savings.

Weatherize Upper Valley aims to double the number of HPwES (Home Performance with Energy Star) projects completed each year in participating towns across the Upper Valley. The Woodstock Pomfret Bridgewater team is well on the way to reaching our goal of 60 signups which we hope will lead to 15 homes weatherized during this program. To date we have 43 signups with over twenty home visits scheduled. Our weatherize campaign wraps up at the end of the month. Homeowners need to sign up by March 31 to get a free home energy audit and find out what you can do to improve your home’s efficiency.
Sign up today. It’s an easy process. To get your FREE professional home visit, follow these simple steps:
Step 1 – Sign up online at or at an event to receive information regarding next steps, links to resources, and contact information for your local volunteer team. Residents who sign up are added to the local volunteer team’s contact list and offered friendly support and encouragement throughout the program.
Step 2 – Submit a home energy survey by March 31 to receive a FREE home visit. The home energy survey asks basic questions about each house and its heating fuel use. Residents should fill out the survey the best they can and submit it online or by mail before March 31 to receive a FREE home visit and quote from a Weatherize partner contractor of their choosing.
Step 3 – Schedule a free home visit and receive a proposed scope of work and quote. Rather than pay for a comprehensive energy audit up front, Weatherize participants get to meet with a qualified contractor of their choosing for free and learn about their home’s unique opportunities for lower energy bills, increased comfort, and improved home health. Weatherize participants don’t have to pay a dime until they are sure they want to move forward with a home energy project. After receiving a proposal from a Weatherize contractor, participants can choose to commit to part or all of the proposed scope of work.
Step 4 – Sign a contract with a Weatherize partner contractor by May 31. Participants who sign a contract with a Weatherize partner contractor by May 31 will be entered to win $500 toward to cost of their energy improvements on top of rebates and low-cost financing from Efficiency Vermont.
Step 5 – Enjoy lower bills and a warmer home.

Sustainable Woodstock has one more informational Weatherize meeting coming up on Sunday, March 25 from 12:30-2:30pm at the Abbott Memorial Library in Pomfret.

Sign up for a home visit at For more information, contact Zach Ralph at 802.457.2911 or

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