How Sustainable Are We?

Do you recycle?
Drive an electric vehicle?
Have you made home energy improvements?
Would you like to learn more about these and other positive steps you can take to be more sustainable?
Take our survey and let us know what you are doing or would like to do.

Sustainable Woodstock is reaching out to area residents in order to assess the progress we have made together toward a more resilient community.

All residents can help this important effort by taking just a few minutes to respond to a survey that we have prepared. We’ve listed actions that promote a more sustainable lifestyle, and we’d like to know which of them you already practice in your everyday life and which ones you would like to do. The survey will also help us look forward and determine how we can help in the future.

When Sustainable Woodstock was founded in 2009, we formed our action groups based on the interests gathered at a community meeting, Our Green Villages. As we enter our ninth year we want to assess the impact we have had on our local towns and also to gauge where we stand as a community on these important issues. We want to find out if our concerns have changed.

We will be sending an information postcard to all residents in Woodstock, Barnard, Bridgewater, Pomfret and Reading, but you can help this important effort right now by taking just a few minutes to tell us what actions for sustainability you currently practice. Your responses will help us establish our priorities over the coming year and will guide community conversations about what we can all do to build a stronger future for our region.

The information we gather has the potential to take Sustainable Woodstock’s work to the next level by engaging many more people; it will also help us define our goals for the next few years. Additionally, we hope that the survey will make more people in the community aware of our work and let us engage more of you. To help us stay an active, relevant organization we need to reach out in new ways and find new supporters and volunteers; knowing your needs will help guide us.

We also want to educate people about some tangible actions they can take toward sustainability and nudge them toward adopting them. The survey asks what are you currently doing and what you would like to be doing in the future in four areas – commuting, food, energy, and recycling. Many people practice some sustainable actions, but we hope the survey will encourage you to think about all the ways that you can make conscious decisions to be sustainable.

As an incentive we will be raffling off a $250 prize for home or lifestyle energy improvements. You will be entered into the raffle if you complete the survey by February 15.

You can find the survey at or go to our website for a link. If you would like a paper copy of the survey, you can email us ( or give us a call at 457-2911. We will mail one to you. Please take a few minutes to complete our survey today.

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