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Its time to Button-Up Your home!

Many older homes in Vermont are not well insulated or air sealed and as a result Vermonters spend a lot of money every winter heating the outdoors instead of their homes. Poorly insulated attics allow for expensive heat to go out the roof creating a pressurized space that sucks cold air in through an uninsulated basement! Often times the fixes to these efficiency problems are simple and can be completed by homeowners, but how will you know what to do? Through the “Button-Up Woodstock” campaign, residents of Woodstock and surrounding towns can request a FREE energy assessment of your home and can also receive up to $2,000 towards your weatherization project from Efficiency Vermont. Participants will also be entered into a raffle to win an additional $500 towards your project.

Here’s how the program works

1. Sign up for a Free Energy visit by visiting;


You will need to complete the 5 minute survey BEFORE DECEMBER 15th.

2. Frans Van de Ven, a certified Home Performance Contractor with Efficiency Vermont, will conduct an hour-long walk through of your home to visually identify efficiency work that can be done in order to reduce your heating consumption.  There are no strings attached to the walk through. We do request that only folks seriously interested in doing work on their homes request a visit.

3. Frans will provide a detailed report of his visit shortly after the assessment is complete.

4. The homeowner then chooses what work they would like to have done from the report.

5. Efficiency Vermont will determine how much of the $2,000 incentive the project will receive.

6. Residents must agree to complete work before April 22nd in order to be entered into the raffle to win an additional $500 raffle prize.

Most homeowners will save an average of $375 on yearly heating. In addition to saving money homeowners typically feel more comfortable waking up to a warmer house in the morning, and since you will be reducing how much fuel you consume for heating you will also be reducing your carbon footprint and helping our state achieve the goals of the Comprehensive Energy Plan


QUESTIONS? The volunteers of the Sustainable Woodstock Energy Group will happily work with you throughout the entire weatherization process! Contact Zach@sustainablewoodstock.org



Woodstock's First Community Solar Array!

Rainbow Playschool is moving its location to the old “Purple Crayon” building near the Mt Tom sledding hill. In addition to the new location, they will also be building a 150 kWh Community Solar Array to be installed by Sundeaver. 50 kWh of the solar array’s electricity is planned go to the “Rainbow Playschool” which would leave 100 kWh of additional solar electricity which can be purchased by local residents. Join us for one of the upcoming events to learn about the array or if you know you would like to participate, complete the inquiry by clicking on the link below. (You can find your annual electrical usage on your electrical bill or on your GMP online account. Contact us if you need help finding these numbers)

Inquiry Form

Rainbow Solar Public Comment Meeting

Dave Bonta, Sundeaver, and board chair of the Rainbow Play School, Tesha Buss, will give a presentation on the project and then are interested in hearing comments and suggestions from the public about the project to determine how we can make sure this new project fits within the culture, identity, and image of Woodstock. Sustainable Woodstock will facilitate the public comment period and discussion. If you would like to submit questions in advance, please send them Sustainable Woodstock, zach@sustainablewoodstock.org, 802-457-2911.

January 7th, 6:00 PM at the Woodstock Town Hall, 2nd FL Conference RM

Woodstock’s First Community Solar Array! Want to join?

Potentially 16 or more residents and families can purchase off site solar from this Rainbow community solar array. We anticipate these spots filling up quickly so if you are interested in wanting to purchase local off site solar for your household electricity please send us an inquiry ASAP and join us for an in-depth presentation and table discussion with Dave Bonta, Sundeaver, and Tesha Buss, Rainbow Playschool Board, of the project on Jan 28th.

January 28th, 6:00PM, at the NEW Rainbow Playschool location, 1206 VT-12, Woodstock, VT 05091

28th Aug 2018
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