Executive Director

Sally Miller of Woodstock has served as Sustainable Woodstock’s director since November 2009. Sally can be reached by email or phone: 802-457-2911.

Board of Trustees

Sustainable Woodstock is led by a board of trustees consisting of members of the greater Woodstock community. Trustees are elected to serve a three-year term and may be re-elected for an additional term of service.  Our current board (2018) includes Pieter Bohen (Chairperson), Barbara Dagger, Jennifer Dembinski (Secretary), John Endicott (Treasurer), Juan Florin, David Hill, Amanda Kuhnert, Geoff Martin, Andrew McLaughlin (Vice-Chairperson), Laurel Tobiason, Teo Zagar.
MBRNHP Liaisons: Rick Kendall, Christina Marts
Student Representative: Olivia Brooks

Advisory Board

Former trustees and other supportive community members serve in an advisory capacity. Currently, the advisory board includes Barbara Barry, Chris Bartlett, Alison Clarkson, Jill Davies, Anne Dean, Denise Lyons, Anne Macksoud, Kat Robbins, and Joby Thompson.

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