28th Mar 2017
Sustainable Woodstock’s e-recycling and shred event in 2016 collected over six tons of waste.

Shred Event, E-Recycling, Compost Bins and More

By Sally Miller Next week, to celebrate Earth Month, Sustainable Woodstock is offering local residents and small businesses an alternative to throwing items into the landfill. At our community recycling...

05th Dec 2016

The Future of Food Scraps

By Elle O’Casey As we move into a season of wrapping paper, elaborate meals with friends and family, and gifts we’ll either love or loathe, Act 148 is particularly significant....

30th Aug 2016

How Trashy Are You? A Look at America’s Waste Problem

By Elle O’Casey This year, for the first time since the Beverage Marketing Corporation began tracking industry sales in the 1970s, bottled water sales surpassed soda sales. According to Ban...

10th Jun 2016
Vikke Jas (r) with her compost display is joined by Dolores   Gilbert (l) and Ana Dinatale at a recent Sustainable Woodstock event.

Just Do One Thing: Start Composting

By Vikke Jas Compost refers to a process where waste food and other plant materials are recycled back into the soil. Why is this process so important? It’s good for...