19th Oct 2017
East End Development Study prepared by GPI for the East End Action Group of Sustainable Woodstock and the Woodstock Economic Development Commission

Exploring East End Development Potential

By Sally Miller The East End Action Group (EEAG) of Sustainable Woodstock continues to work on projects to revitalize the East End area. When the group was formed in 2009,...

05th Dec 2016
Sarit Melmed-Werner from Plymouth Artisan Cheese talks about her experience with producing value added products in Vermont.

East End Development Opportunities

By Sally Miller For much of the last seven years, the Sustainable Woodstock East End Action Group (EEAG) has focused on the developing a riverfront park on the former “Jungle”...

03rd Mar 2016
Board member Barbara Barry explains solar energy options.

Vermonters Invest for a New Economy

At the second annual Climate Change Economy Summit convened by the Vermont Council on Rural Development, participants considered a new report, “Progress for Vermont,” which asserted (among many other things)...

12th Feb 2016
Sustainable Woodstock was founded at a community conversation in 2009.

Second Climate Economy Summit Offers Plan of Action

Last year, the Vermont Council on Rural Development (VCRD) launched the Vermont Climate Change Economy Initiative. Organizers believe that making a deliberate, planned effort to guide economic activity in the...