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Weatherize Woodstock Pomfret Bridgewater Pizza Party

Norman Williams Public Library
Tuesday, January 30, 6:00 - 8:00 pm
10 the Green, Woodstock

Join us for a Pizza Party to learn more about Weatherize Woodstock Pomfret Bridgewater

This winter, Sustainable Woodstock is teaming up with Vital Communities, Efficiency Vermont, and local home energy contractors to help residents in Woodstock, Pomfret, and Bridgewater save money and stay warm by weatherizing your home.

weatherize uv

What is Weatherize?

The program offers:

  • FREE CONSULTATION and Quote for all participants (which can otherwise cost $400+)
  • Local VOLUNTEERS to make sure you have everything you need. Contact Zach Ralph at 802.457.2911 or by email
  • PRIZES and REBATES – participants are entered to win $500 toward the cost of their project when they sign a contract by May 31, in addition to any rebates they’ll receive from Efficiency Vermont.
  • EXPERIENCED Contractors certified by the Building Performance Institute, include Building Energy of White River Junction, Vermont Foam Insulation of Chester, van de Ven Construction of Hartland, Weatherization and Renovation of Montpelier, and Earthshare Construction of Lebanon.

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According to Efficiency Vermont, most weatherization projects focus on air sealing and insulation, cost $7,800 on average (before rebates, averaging $1,500), and result in increased comfort and 26% average energy savings.

Need more information? Contact Sally Miller


How Sustainable Are We?


The purpose of our survey is to assess the progress that we are making so we can continue to build a more resilient community.

 You can help this important effort right now by taking just a few minutes to tell us what actions for sustainability you currently practice.

 Your responses will help us establish our priorities over the coming year and will guide community conversations about our vision for the future.

You can enter your contact information at the end of the survey to be entered in to raffle to win $250 for home or lifestyle energy improvements.


10th Jan 2018
A short survey developed by Sustainable Woodstock will measure sustainable practices in our community.

How Sustainable Are We?

Do you recycle? Drive an electric vehicle? Have you made home energy improvements? Would you like to learn more about these and other positive steps you can take to be...

08th Jan 2018
Sally Miller and family members attended the People's Climate March in Washington DC last May."

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08th Jan 2018
Bill Keeton leads a discussion about managing forests for carbon sequestration, a program sponsored by Marsh Billing Rockefeller National Historical Park and Sustainable Woodstock (photo credit: Zach Ralph)

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